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Troubleshooting and Repairs
Solar Electric Systems are comprised of several different pieces of major equipment and many other small parts. Typically, your inverter will indicate that there is a problem. But, in many cases, the inverter is not the source of the problem but, simply, the means of telling you that there IS a problem. When your solar system is not performing or under-performing, the source of the problem could be any number of things. Our highly skilled technicians are trained to identify the source of the problem and get your system running at full capacity again. Call Power Overhaul today and ask for one of our technicians to perform a full system inspection and resolve your production problem.
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Cleaning & Inspections
As a solar owner, inspecting your system is an extremely important protocol but because of the difficulty and safety risk involved when accessing a solar panel system and its major components, a professional firm thoroughly inspects these vital components of your system on a routine (typically yearly) basis. Our knowledgeable technicians will complete a comprehensive site analysis and deliver a professional report with findings that will indicate whether your system is performing as well as it could be.

Reports show that cleaning your solar array can yield more than a 30 percent increase in power production. According to the National Renewable Energy laboratory (NREL), cleaning your solar panels can yield more than 30% in power production. Cleaning involves more than spraying your panels with water and scrubbing them down. First, cleaning the face of your panel should be done with proper cleaning solutions and equipment that will not compromise the panel's ability to produce power. For example, a brush can potentially 'etch' the panel glass which could permanently hinder it's ability to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight and produce optimum power. In addition to the actual cleaning of the panels, an intimate physical inspection of the solar panels and the area beneath the array for any wire issues or critter infestation.
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Monitoring Services
Monitoring is paramount to ensuring that your system is operating at it's peak output and an important attribute that all solar electric systems should have. An effective monitoring solution is comprised of reliable equipment and expert eyes watching your systems production patterns to determine the difference between natural issues that impact system performance, like weather, and real issues that require attention like ground faults, equipment damage or failure, etc. Power Overhaul Advanced Monitoring Solution provides system owners with visibility into system performance and enables Power Overhaul and system owners to track what their system is producing in real time as well as review historical power production. From installation to data analyzation, our trained technicians can integrate an effective monitoring solution capable of detecting potential problems, immediately. Contact us to find out more about our Advanced Monitoring Solution.
Pest Damage Mitigation
A solar array can act as a warm shelter for pests to settle. Birds, raccoons and squirrels can settle under an array and cause damage to system wiring. Sometimes an inverter will trigger an alarm signaling a problem, but in many cases there is not notification. Power Overhaul can remove the pests and install pest deterrent guards to keep them out.
squirrel nest - solar panel pest removal in Southhampton, NJ
Nationwide OEM Services
We work renewable energy manufacturers to service faulty product lines that need in field service. Our team of trained technicians are deployed as quickly as possible to service the defective products and bring assets back online.
Temporary System Removal and Reinstallation
Whether you are replacing your roof, getting an addition or new siding, let the professionals at Power Overhaul decommission and temporarily remove and store the panels on your roof or the equipment on the side of your house should you require new siding. We work with your contractor to ensure minimal system down time. Often, the time between system removal and reinstallation, recommissioning is 3-4 days. Call us today for an estimate!